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When visiting the library’s website, you most likely have seen this colorful icon.  This is the link to a collection of books, magazines, newspapers and journals available online for free.  Using your library card barcode (or number), you sign in and all of these resources are yours.

Part of this blog will be dedicated to revealing the hidden gems on MARVEL, and how to use it.  Maine Newsstand (to be featured in the next post), Academic Search Complete, Consumer Reports, an enhanced version of Google Scholar and numerous encyclopedias are only the beginning of what Marvel has to offer.

Many people ask how do we afford MARVEL?  Much like our free internet access, E-book lending program through Overdrive, and wireless network, the Maine State Library pays for a large sum of this so we have a minimal, annual subscription to pay at the local level.

This is one of the many things that the state library does for everyone across the counties.  Many libraries, including Springvale, supplement their large print collection from the State Library, and can order audio book devices for the blind and visually impaired.

For the first time, library supporters can easily donate $5 directly to Public Libraries through the State System.  On this year’s tax form there is a box to check to donate to the statewide “Public Library Fund.”

Many of you support us directly and tremendously, and we greatly appreciate and deeply depend on that support.  We wanted to add this note because some may be interested to give a few dollars at the statewide level knowing that this easy method was available.

Next post, I will outline one of these terrific sites on Marvel, the Maine Newsstand.