Sheila’s nonfictions reading choices this month were all memoirs of sorts that expanded her understanding of complexities of human behavior.  All three books have stuck with her for various reasons.


In The Spark:  a mother’s story if nurturing genius Kristine Barnett, shares  the amazing and inspiring story of her son Jacob Barnett.  Kristine was a day care provider whose teaching philosophy spurred on the breakthrough for her son Jacob who had been diagnosed with severe autism.   Jacob eventually attended college at age 9 and became a doctoral research assistant at 14. 


My Dyslexia by Philip Schultz provides an adult perspective on learning at age 64 that he has dyslexia.  This would be a supportive read for adults who are coming to grips with the same issues.


Where the Peacocks sing: a  palace, a prince and the search for home, by Alison Singh Gee is an enjoyable read of her personal trek from being a Chinese American living in city life in Hong Kong to meeting and marrying an Indian prince whose’s family legacy demands a whole new set of skills.