Sheila enhanced her 2 day vacation by reading an adult book for a change. “The Tao of Martha: My year of Living, or why I’m never getting all that glitter off of the dog” by Jen Lancaster had her laughing out loud and reading passages to her husband (whether he wanted her to or not). Sheila connected with the author’s passion for projects and the role her husband plays in all the drama. Her personal photos add a special kind of flare. Readers who enjoy humor in the daily mundane will enjoy this read.

“The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender” by Leslye Walton is identified as a young adult novel, but it’s many layers provide more of an adult perspective. Walton’s writing pulls readers into this brutal yet whimsical story of three generations of mothers & daughters who love and endure pain. Although the narrator is Ava, a 16 year old born with wings, who is finding her place in life, readers are pulled into the far reaching past and a compilation of the peculiarities and deep scars that each member of Ava’s intergenerational family endures. Their sorrows and the unconventional ways that they cope with neglect and loneliness are interwoven into the present and future of Ava, who is born with wings, and her brother who has some type of autism disorder. Ava’s ability to break out of the walls that her family has built around their lives provides her both freedom and places her in physical danger.